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About LunaVeeLux

LunaVeeLux is not just about hair and body care.  It is empowerment, it is motivational, it is truth, it is healthy, it is positivity, it is a necessity … it is life changing – for all.  That is what LunaVeeLux means to me and the impact that it has on my life. 

LunaVeeLux was created during the 2020 pandemic without really knowing the end goal.  I just thought that I mind as well learn to take care of my own hair during the lockdown.  That is when I learned how unhealthy and damaged my hair was – I mean, it was really, really bad.  Of everyone who had ever touched my hair in a salon, no one said anything to me about it.  No one ever sat me down and talked about the current state of my hair.  Early on in 2020 while listening to my trustworthy intuition, I took a few pics after washing my hair one day at home and the image was frightening.  Talk about unknown heat damage for days!  Oh, I should mention that I have been natural with my hair (no relaxers) for a few years at this time.  Yet, my hair was still damaged in other ways.  I always laugh now and say, “I thought I had hair before – why didn’t someone ever tell me otherwise”?.  I had started noticing that the highlights that I had, weren’t really descending over time.    

Long story short – LunaVeeLux was created during the 2020 pandemic through boredom and accidental discovery.  I started playing around with a bunch of natural ingredients on my hair as well as my daughter’s and fast forward to today, LunaVeeLux has an all-natural hair care collection that actually produces results.

At the top of 2021, I had the bold idea of creating homemade, natural hair care products to release to the public.  In the Spring of 2021, LunaVeeLux made its very first public appearance.  Fast forward towards the end of 2021, LunaVeeLux had also expanded into homemade, natural body care products (which were inspired by other unexpected life changing events).  And here we are today – releasing other products that we just may call the “necessities” collection.  I’m not sure yet but I’ll throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.

So, when I think of LunaVeeLux (which began with just hair products) – it really is so much more!  It truly is about growth and self-care all around, inside out.  That is what I hope you see when thinking of and considering LunaVeeLux.               

From my family to yours - thank you so much for your consideration and support and I hope you enjoy my products just as much as I do!  Love and light!